Welcome to St. Isidore Farms

St. Isidore Farm has a mission devoted to agriculture and community.

Our agricultural devotion to Alpaca genetics allows us to breed quality animals with a quality fleece.  Alpacas have become a growing farm animal in America for the past decade and with the boarders closed to any more import animals; breeders of quality animals are working hard to generate enough animals to establish a quality fleece market.  For more information on our Alpaca sales, Alpaca boarding, breeding or fleece services please contact us.

Our Equine boarding facilities are unmatched; our 12,000 sq ft indoor heated arena as well as an outside 13,000 sq ft arena, padded horse stalls, fly systems, outstanding pastures and over a mile of wooded groomed trails allow for year round comfort and training.  For more information about our facilities and training for Western, English and competitive gaming please contact us.

When it comes to “Community” St. Isidore Farm is a proud partner with “Helping Hands of Monroe” and other organizations that work closely with “Special Needs” people.  Our farm is managed daily by our “Special Team” members.  Our 55 acres are divided up into Alpaca, Equine, Harvest, and Social areas.  Each area has a “Special Team” assigned to the daily farming chores associated with each area.  Each team has their own Skill Coach provided by Goodwill Industries in partnership with our Community Mental Health.  The skills learned daily allow our team members to grow in ability as well as socially.  For more information about the partnership between St. Isidore Farm and Helping Hands of Monroe go their website: www.helpinghandsofmonroe.com

We have daily farm tours for schools, community organizations and similar groups.